All My Picture Posts Will Soon Disappear

Remember when all my pretty pictures from 2016 disappeared after shut down? Well, now is shutting down, too, as of June 30th. I assume that means all the pictures will disappear. I used all this year, and most of the time before 2016 in my gallery posts. I guess I’ll have to find some other free image host … one that will hopefully stay around longer.

Luckily, the images on my Favorites pages are hosted right here on WordPress, so those will be unaffected.


What Happened to All the Pretty Pictures? (you ask)

Well this is sad. For almost a year, I’ve exclusively used a free image hosting service called Someimage. I used it to post thousands of pretty sweater pictures over the past year. Then recently, someimage went KAPUT! Along with my images. Shoot. Sucks, doesn’t it.