Some places where I find (and/or post) sweater pictures.

Sweater Fetish Forums
Lovewool Forum
Melody O’Hair Wool Forum

Tumblr Sweater Blogs

Flickr Sweater Galleries
Homair’s Lair
True Mohair Lover
Asca / Fiery Furnaces

Knitting sites
Pattern Palace

Vintage/Used/Handknit Sweaters
Extravagantza – Etsy
Extravagantza – eBay
Tiffy’s Art
Korean Fashion sites


Necessary Clothing



7 thoughts on “Links

    • Thanks for the appreciation, Joe. However, your site appears to be mostly porn, so I don’t think its a good fit for this link page. I’ll leave it in your comment though for anyone who makes it down this far and sees this warning. 🙂

  1. Your main site has viruses on it. If I click on a picture some kind of viewer pops up and my computer says it detects harmful viruses. You should clean up your site.

    • The problem is not with my site itself, but with Imagebam, the free image hosting service I uses. I’m trying imgbox on my past few posts. Hopefully imagebam cleans up its act soon. Either way, I recommend you install AdBlock Plus in your browser. It’s great for preventing pop-ups, ads and the viruses that can come with them.

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